The Great Minds of Ancient Greece

Meet some of the most prominent thinkers in all of ancient Greece


Hippocrates was one of the first to observe the effect diseases had on the body. He separated medicine from religion, and by recording what he saw – whether it was a pale face or dry skin – he helped develop methods to prevent and cure diseases.


The so-called father of logic wrote over 150 works and spoke on the topics of philosophy and biology like no other. He believed that existence was based on achieving personal happiness.


Socrates was a renowned philosopher, and Socratic teaching concentrated on asking questions, fostering debate and forming ideas through conversation. The Socratic method is still used by educators today to encourage their students to think critically.


A leading mathematician, Euclid wrote 13 books known as The Elements, which collected 300 years worth of ancient ideas on geometry. Euclid made these earlier works accessible to many and it has become incredibly influential in teaching.


The teacher of Aristotle was a student of Socrates who spread his mentor’s teachings. He lends his name to the idea of Platonic love and founded the first higher learning institute in the West.


Known as the father of numbers, Pythagoras is world-renowned for his eponymous theorem for deducing the length of the third side of a triangle. Many works were published in his name by his loyal followers.


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