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The iPad’s secrets revealed

Those with beady eyes might have noticed that the iPad, during Steve Job’s much-hyped unveiling last week, was displaying an interesting glimpse into its future. For those who missed this, take a look at the below image.


Can you see it now? That’s right, right in the centre of the top bezel is a camera sized shadow. Ok, so its not incredibly obvious but, when do you ever notice the sensors behind the iPhone bezel? Hardly ever. But they are there, and in some lights and at some angles, it is possible to see them.

So what does this mean? Well, firstly that the iPad will ship with a camera built in, which wasn’t touted during its ceremony last week. But more excitingly, that in all likelihood, the iPad will also come installed with a new version of the iPhone OS. Why wasn’t this unveiled with the iPad? Because by doing so, Apple would have given away massive insight into what new features the iPad and its new purpose built apps would deliver.

  • jan malat

    Sorry, but device without USB port, adobe flash, memory cards and without multitasking is lame and too expensive in this day and age. But would I buy it? Of course.

  • I would like to have this Ipad, as it seems does everything for me. I am sure I save lots of $ in the long run.
    I wonder how much it cost?
    Do you know?

  • J Martin

    Around $500 and completely not worth it for the reasons stated above unless they fix those glaring oversights before launch.

  • Andre

    That’s the point. You won’t save money in the long run, because you will be buying another device real soon. The iPad lacks too much functionality to be considered a computer. If they treat this like the iPhone (new device released almost yearly), then you’ll end up spending a lot more.

  • rabbit

    Andre, obviously you dunno what an Ipad is about? So do video the demo steve gave over and over again. Its something in between a laptop and a mobile phone. NOT a COMPUTER totally. You mention iPad lacks too much functionality? What functionality you expect when something like this can view videos, surf the net, do documents way better than your average mobile phone a bigger resolution and screen and has music to offer. Tell me, what kind of REASONABLE functionality it lacks? YOu want a machine this small in size this light this capable of 10 straight hours of usage power to FEED you food? Get real man. For you critics talking like you can build something better for man, apple NEVER hyped this product. All they did was release an official announcement of the products a few weeks before they had the talk done by Steve. They never talk about sales they expect, and clearly other stupid devices i have seen have done similar stuff without being FLAMED so badly. (like the LARGER DS device from nintendo that is basically just LARGER) Have some common senses.

  • Riley

    A major reason flash is not supported is simply because the platform doesn’t lend itself to it. There is no Mouse_Over event in a touch based platform. Most flash is programmed with Mouse_Over events. I’d rather have a “missing plug-in” icon than Flash content that seems to be working but I can’t control it.

  • Will

    I’m 100% positive that there could be a very very simple workaround for the mouse_over event problem. Android phones are touch-based platforms and they support Flash.

  • Alex

    The small camera-sized object in the middle of the top bezel isn’t an actual camera. It’s a light sensor that adjusts the iPad’s screen brightness according to the outside light.

    So, for example, if you were in a very dark room the brightness would be very low. If you were outside in the sun, the brightness would be very high!