The iPad’s secrets revealed

Those with beady eyes might have noticed that the iPad, during Steve Job’s much-hyped unveiling last week, was displaying an interesting glimpse into its future. For those who missed this, take a look at the below image.


Can you see it now? That’s right, right in the centre of the top bezel is a camera sized shadow. Ok, so its not incredibly obvious but, when do you ever notice the sensors behind the iPhone bezel? Hardly ever. But they are there, and in some lights and at some angles, it is possible to see them.

So what does this mean? Well, firstly that the iPad will ship with a camera built in, which wasn’t touted during its ceremony last week. But more excitingly, that in all likelihood, the iPad will also come installed with a new version of the iPhone OS. Why wasn’t this unveiled with the iPad? Because by doing so, Apple would have given away massive insight into what new features the iPad and its new purpose built apps would deliver.