The OmniProcessor that turns human waste into electricity and drinking water

Janicki Bioenergy, a Seattle-based engineering firm, has created an incredible machine that produces usable electricity and safe drinking water from sewage.

The OmniProcessor, which has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, boils the wet sewage sludge to generate water vapour that is cleaned and turned into purified water, the leftover dry sewage is then burned to create a little bit of ash and lots of steam which is used to drive a generator. This produces enough electricity to power the machine and produce excess power that can be used by nearby communities.

Human waste is often disposed of improperly in developing con tries, leading it to contaminate water supplies and cause the spread of diseases. The OmniProcessor is not only a safe way to get rid sewage, but it also turns it into a commodity.

Janicki Bioenergy will ship the OmniProcessor to Dakar, Senegal this year to measure its real-world performance and aid further development before they develop a newer version.

Check out the video below to find out how the OmniProcessor works and watch Bill Gates try water produced from sewage.

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