What is that funny smell after rain?


It’s possible to smell rain before it has even fallen. Lightning has the power to split atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen molecules into individual atoms. These atoms then react to form nitric oxide, which in turn can interact with other chemicals to form ozone – the aroma of which is a bit like chlorine and a specific smell we’ve grown to associate with rain. When the scent carries on the wind, we can predict the rain before it falls.

Another smell associated with rain is petrichor – a term coined by a couple of Australian scientists in the mid- Sixties. After a dry spell of weather, the first rain that falls brings with it a very particular aroma that is the same no matter where you are. Two chemicals are responsible for the production of this indescribable odour called petrichor. One of the two chemicals is released by a specific bacteria found in the earth; the other is an oil secreted by thirsty plants. These compounds combine on the ground and, when it rains, the smell of petrichor will fill your nostrils.