The Waboba ball

Short for water bouncing ball, the Waboba is a technological marvel. Designed by the company of the same name, it will certainly to make those summer days at the beach that more fun.

About the size of a golf ball, the Waboba uses innovative science to work. The ball has the same density as water and is made out of a polyurethane polymer with a lycra coating. Like a skipping stone, it skims off the water when thrown at a shallow angle. Soft and hollow, it is not for use on land and acts as a rubber ball would do on a dry surface.

Originally devised in the early 1980s by Swede Jan von Heland, the ball can bounce up to 1.8 metres (six feet) off the water and is slowly growing into a worldwide phenomenon. Several types are now available each with different characteristics designed for different games.

Check out the below video to see the amazing ball in action.

[jwplayer mediaid=”20498″]