Top 10 space Vines: Amazing videos that are out of this world

Space is an awe-inspiring place and thanks to constantly evolving technology we have a better view of it than ever before. From astronauts recording stunning views of Earth from the ISS, to space probes capturing footage of distant worlds, the internet is awash with stunning space videos. Here at How It Works, we’ve compiled our top 10, from amazing auroras and solar explosions to some mind-blowing astronaut hi-jinks. Check them out in the video below…

Top 10 space Vines

10. The Next Web – Meanwhile in Space

9. NASAKennedy – Delta IV Rocket

8. NASA – Spurting Plasma

7. BuzzFeed News – Vongfong Suer Typhoon

6. Terry W. Virts – Moon Setting Over Hokkaido and Vladivostok

5. Sam Cristoforetti – Solar Array and Beautiful Aurora

4. Reid Wiseman – Floating Water Sphere

3. NASA Solar System – New Horizons flyover

2. Tim Peake – Sunrise from Space

1. Space Station – Lightning Display

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