Top 5 Facts: Free radicals

Fact 1 – Frequent exposure
We are exposed to free radicals in the environment every day – alcohol, tobacco smoke, household chemicals and even radiation from the Sun all contain radicals.

Fact 2 – Take it easy
Although exercise is extremely beneficial for the body in many respects, lots of strenuous activity can actually increase production of these harmful molecules, so don’t overdo it!

Fact 3 – Eat your fruit and veg
Research has shown that eating a varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables helps your body fight against the effects of free radicals – generally limiting the damage they can cause.

Fact 4 – What’s the charge?
Free radicals can have positive, negative or zero charge, hence why they bond with other molecules. As a result they can affect our cells in different ways.

Fact 5 – Free as a bird
The reason ‘free’ often precedes ‘radical’ is because the reactive molecules will float freely until they find another molecule to exchange electrons – which is when they start causing damage.