Top 5 Facts: Vision

5. No more red

Red-eye when you take pictures is caused by the light from the flash bouncing off the capillaries in people’s eyes. To prevent it, ask them not to look directly at the camera.

4. The filmmaker’s eye

One-eyed Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence announced that he had commissioned a prosthetic eye consisting of a camera and transmitter that would digitally film everything he sees.

3. Donor retinas

While corneas are transplanted all of the time, attempts at retinal transplants have not been successful so far. Researchers are working on making an artificial retina for those affected by retinal disease.

2. Speedy sight

A 2006 Georgetown University study calculated that the human retina has a bandwidth of about 8.75 megabits per second.

1. TV and computer use

Despite what your parents told you, watching TV too closely isn’t bad for your eyes. Neither is staring at a computer, although it can make your eyes dry because you blink less often.