Top 5 Facts: Ants

1) Strength in numbers

Approximately 12,000 known species of ant compose around about 1.4% of the world’s total insect species.

2) Survival of the fittest

The family Formicidae are hardy little critters, who have existed on Earth for more than 140 million years, and aren’t going anywhere soon!

3) Life expectancy

An ant Queen can live up to 3 years. Worker ants expect to live for a maximum of 2, still impressive for an insect species.

5) Ant army

Eciton burchellii, a species of army ant, attack in formation with their swarm broadening to 15 yards, including up to 200,000 drones.

6) What’s in a word?

In Japanese, the word ant is intricately written by linking two separate characters, one meaning insect and the other loyalty.

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