Top 5 Facts: Battle of Agincourt

1. Victory songs
 – After the English victory at Agincourt, several celebratory songs were written. The most famous of these is The Agincourt Carol.

2. V
– The derogatory ‘V’ sign of modern culture stems from Agincourt. The gesture was used by English archers in defiance of the French threat that any caught longbowmen would have their two bow-fingers cut off.

3. Outnumbered – One of the most contended issues today is exactly how badly the French outnumbered the English forces. Conservative figures lie around 4:3, while other estimates place it at 4:1 or even 6:1.

4. Welsh allies – The English forces at Agincourt were not just from England but Wales too. Indeed, one of the most notable generals, Dafydd Gam, died in the battle after reportedly saving Henry’s life.

5. The waiting game – Despite Henry’s resounding victory, he was not officially recognised as regent and heir to the French throne until 1420, five years after the conflict.