Top 5 Facts: Channel Tunnel

1) Eco-friendly travel

Research by Eurotunnel’s main operator, Eurostar, revealed that travelling from London to Paris by Eurostar creates one tenth of the CO2 that would be generated by flying there.

2) Tunnel of love

The south tunnel is used when travelling from France to the UK, the north tunnel takes passengers from the UK to France and the service road goes both ways.

3) Good clean fun

On 17 November 2009, motorsporting legend John Surtees became the first person to drive through the Channel Tunnel in the electric Ginetta G50EV car.

4) Don’t panic!

The electric service tunnel vehicles are used for maintenance and for getting to emergencies. They can reach 50mph but cannot turn round in the tunnel.

5) Reclaimed land

4.9 million cubic metres of the Channel Tunnel’s spoil (excavated waste) was deposited at the foot of Shakespeare’s Cliff. This area is called Samphire Hoe.

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