Top 5 Facts: Digestion

1) Complete digestion takes time!

Generally, it can take between 24 and 72 hours for the food you eat to be fully digested, meaning you’re constantly digesting food!

2) Some food for thought…

An average male will eat approximately 50 tons of food during his lifetime. That’s the equivalent of ten African elephants.

3) The stomach can hold two litres

The stomach will normally feel full when it reaches a capacity of one litre, but ultimately it can stretch up to two litres.

4) We use pints of saliva a day!

Up to four pints of saliva can be produced by an individual each day and it helps to digest food and protect teeth and tissue inside the mouth.

5) Enzyme production declines through age

Enzymes are crucial for digestion, but as we age, enzyme production reduces – at 70 a person may produce half what they did at 20.

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