Top 5 facts: Himalayan living

(Image by Tobias_Federle from Pixabay)

1. Himalayan inhabitants

50 million people live among the mountains, with a further 450 million living along the base.

2. Extra land

In a process called ‘terracing’, people often make steps in the mountainside to increase flat land area used for growing crops.

Terracing increases the flat land available for agriculture (Image by Dung Le Tien from Pixabay)

3. Dung patties

In some villages, yak dung is dried into patties and used as fuel for fires.

4. Nature appreciation

Today and historically, many communities living in the Himalayan mountains and foothills view their unique surroundings as their protector and provider of all life. Many living in harsh environments are also dependant on nature and greatly respect it.

5. Thriving tourism

Over 700,000 tourists travel to the Himalayas every year. This 60 per cent increase since the 1990s has provided locals with more jobs, but is also negatively impacting the environment through pollution and deforestation.

Ladakh, India, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Himalayas (Image by rigvedbhatnagar from Pixabay)


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