Top 5 Facts: Hypercar trivia

1 Going it alone – The LaFerrari is the first car designed by the famous Italian automotive manufacturer completely in-house, with long-time collaborator Pininfarina having no input.

2 Tyre-shredding speed – The Bugatti Veyron is actually limited to 407 kilometres (253 miles) per hour to stop the road tyres from falling apart. Any speed over that will call for costly adapted race rubber.

3 Going the distance – As well as achieving 300 kilometres (186 miles) per hour in the fastest time, the Venom GT also reached the figure in the shortest distance, taking just over a mile to do so.

4 Limited edition – Not only will the Porsche 918 Spyder come with a price tag of over £650,000 ($982,000), but it will also be a limited-edition run, with a fitting 918 vehicles made.

5 An expensive thrill – World-leading performance comes at a cost. The Bugatti Veyron is about £1 million ($1.5 million), while the Lykan Hypersport will retail for a cool £2.2 million ($3.4 million)!