Top 5 Facts: Safest cars

1. Ford C-Max – Though it flagged slightly in the area of pedestrian safety, the Ford C-Max scored maximum marks in 2010, which bodes well for the upcoming B-Max NCAP test.

2. Renault Laguna – The Renault Laguna scored five out of five stars in 2001 under Euro NCAP’s safety assessment system of the time. It’s a landmark in car safety history as the first maximum-rated car.

3. Volvo 122 – Volvo included the three-point seatbelt as standard equipment in the Volvo 122, which was produced back in 1959. With this feature, it was probably the safest car of its time.

4. F1 cars – As vehicles designed to race top speeds upwards of 320 kilometres (200 miles) per hour, modern Formula 1 cars are comprehensively tested to meet strict FIA safety regulations.

5. Saxon APC – While the Saxon Armoured Personnel Carrier would shame any other vehicle for occupancy protection, a fully armoured 10.6-ton vehicle means its top speed is only 96km/h (60mph).