Top 5 Facts: Skin

1) Bacteria thrive on human skin

Every square inch of skin has an average of 32 million bacteria on it… no matter how many baths or showers you have a day!

2) You shed skin every day

Every 24 hours, you will lose your uppermost layer of dead skin cells, helping to keep your skin fresh and clean and able to breath.

3) Skin varies drastically in thickness

Skin is around 1mm thick on your eyelids, but on your feet this thickness increases to 3mm, giving you much more protection where needed.

4) As we age, skin thins

Skin thins over time and begins to loosen, which is where wrinkles come from, and why people opt for plastic surgery in later life.

5) We have billions of sweat glands

Each square inch of healthy skin contains close to 650 sweat glands, which are essential for keeping you cool.

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