Top 5 Facts: The Moon

1) Nobody owns it

There are US flags and Soviet pennants on the Moon but they are purely symbolic. The Outer Space Treaty gives the Moon the same status as international waters.

2) Man in the Moon

The stark contrasts between the maria (darker areas) and terrae (lighter areas) have been interpreted as various patterns including a human face, head or body and even a small dog.

3) No weapons allowed

Under the Outer Space Treaty, the Moon can only be used for peaceful purposes. In fact, no nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction are allowed to be in orbit or installed on any celestial body.

4) Were we really there?

Some believe the Moon landings were faked by the US government, possibly to gain prestige, although these theories have been repeatedly disproved.

5) A second moon

3753 Cruithne is an asteroid in orbit around the Sun. It has been called “Earth’s second moon”, although it is only a quasi-satellite with a 364-day orbit of the Sun.

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