Top 5 Facts: Tough buildings


1. Petronas Twin Towers – The Skybridge connecting the towers at the 41st and 42nd floors of this Malaysian landmark isn’t fixed at either end. It slides in and out as the towers sway in the wind.


2. The Bubble Houses – This pair of dome houses in Florida were built in 1954 by architect Eliot Noyes. They use no wood or nails and their domed shape makes them great at resisting hurricanes.


3. US Bank Tower – The tallest building in California, this office block in LA is designed to withstand an 8.3-magnitude earthquake – larger than the San Andreas Fault can generate, in theory.


4. Nishiki Tower – A five-storey, tsunami-proof building in Japan, containing rescue equipment and space for evacuees to shelter. It could withstand an impact from a ten-ton ship!


5. County Records Building – Built in 1827 in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s the oldest fireproof building in the USA. It’s constructed entirely from solid masonry to protect the valuable county records.