Top 5 Facts: Freaky eating

World Pie Eating Championships

Every year since 1992, the World Pie Eating Championships have been held in Wigan. Since 2006 the emphasis has been on speed rather than quantity.

Festival La Tomatina

This event occurs on the last Wednesday in August in Bunol, near Valencia, Spain. Having started as a riot in 1944 people now turn up, with tomatoes, and just start throwing!

Wood eating (xylophagia)

This is a relatively common condition where individuals like to eat a variety of wood products such as paper, pencils and even tree bark! Just imagine the splinters…

12 grapes on New Year

Starting back in 1909, the tradition of eating a grape every second for the last 12 seconds of the New Year is supposed to bring good luck. It is practised across Spain.

Insect eating (entomophagy)

Many societies across the world still eat insects – they are a fantastic source of protein. The western world has even started selling ants in chocolate.