Top 5 Facts: Harriers

Old Boy

The Sea Harrier was in service for a total of 28 years, from August 1978 to March 2006. The second-generation Sea Harrier FA2 was introduced in April 1993


The only other international operator of the Sea Harrier is actually India, who use their own FRS51 variant armed with R550 Magic air-to-air missiles


The first ever Sea Harrier confirmed as operational launched off the Invincible class aircraft carrier HMS Invincible in 1981, a purpose-designed VTOL/STOL carrier


The second-generation Sea Harrier, the FA2, featured the Blue Vixen radar, the predecessor that formed the basis of the system used in the Eurofighter Typhoon


The second-generation Sea Harrier was also the first British aircraft to be armed with the US AIM-120 AMRAM, a fire and forget high-explosive air-to-air missile.