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Top 5 Facts: Social networking

©Facebook: This image was created using only the connections between friends on Facebook.

Real estate

Social network giant Facebook is currently building a data centre in Oregon, USA, that measures 307,000 square feet; the scale of the building has doubled in the past year.


Pop star Lady Gaga currently holds the record for having the most Twitter followers, with over eight million people tracking her regular updates.


Following investment from Goldman Sachs and a wealthy Russian investor, it was estimated that Facebook was worth a whopping amount of $50bn.

My decline

In the first half of 2010 it was estimated that visits to MySpace halved from 10 million to 5 million, as social networking rival Facebook grew in popularity.

Pleased to tweet you

As of January 1 2011, it was estimated that 110 million tweets were posted to Twitter every day from the 200 million registered users on the site.

  • John

    Social networking is surely misnamed. Should it not be anti-social networking? There is nothing like face to face contact when in conversation with another individual or group of people. What is this need to feel as though you are constantly in the limelight in front of millions of potential readers? I follow thousands of users and they all write pure drivel! I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. In fact, I think I may set up a Facebook page about this and maybe also perhaps a Twitter account. And, just to be certain, as you can’t see my face when I say the above, there is a lot of irony and sarcasm in what I said. I do NOT read Facebook or Twitter. Went there in the past and thought then what a complete and utter waste of time.