Top 5 Facts: World’s fastest commercial vehicles

1. X-streme – Asides from being the fastest civilian aircrafts on Earth, the Citation X fleet have flown the equivalent of four trips to the Sun and have taken off and landed about one million times.

2. Zoom zoom – To break the record for the world’s fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport completed two runs. The first delivered 265. 906mph, while the second delivered 269.806mph.

3. Prestigious – Due to the awesome engineering prowess that led to the production of the Sikorsky X-2, the company was recently awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy.

4. Architects – To achieve its record-breaking speed credentials, Al Copeland’s Phenomenon speedboat was designed by engineers and architects from NASA, Boeing and the Navy.

5. Pond – The Citation X is not only fast, with a cruise speed of 974km/h (605mph), but also has a range of 5,955km (3,700mi). It can get from London to NYC in little over 5.5 hours without refuelling.