Uncovering the secrets of submarines in How It Works issue 87 – out now!

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Ever wondered what goes on in a submarine? Find out how their incredible technology powers the war beneath the waves in our latest issue. We take a look at the history of these underwater vessels, what life is like on board, and take a peek at the subs of the future…


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Find out what submarines will look like in years to come


Also inside you’ll find….

The science of football
– Discover the tech and tactics behind top teams

HIW 87 spread example preview 2

We reveal the tech and tactics that will take teams to the top of their game


Why you’re afraid of the dark
– The biology of fear and why it’s key to your survival

Interstellar space travel
– How we will sail to the stars at 100 million mph

Animal invasions
– The places on Earth where critters have taken control

HIW 87 spread example preview 3

What happens when the animals take over?


Plus much much more…

– The world’s largest passenger jet
– How beaches are cleaned
– Why leaves cause chaos for trains
– How to get the perfect posture
– Isolating deadly diseases
– 60 second science: The Doppler effect
– The physics of dance
– The quietest place on Earth: Anechoic chambers
– 5 real-life Star Trek inventions
– Industrial robots
– Pedestrian crossings
– 3D without glasses
– The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
– Lighthouse lenses
– Making medical tablets
– How juicers work
– How service stations are refilled
– A day in the life of an Underground driver
– Why rain clouds are grey
– 5 facts about avocados
– Bird eggs
– Figs and wasps
– Journey to Jupiter
– An interview with Horrible Histories’ Greg Jenner
– Medieval siege mining
– Military acoustic locators
– Ancient Peruvian burials
– Gruesome Victorian surgery
– SpaceShipTwo
– Why we search for super-Earths
– How SpaceX lands the Falcon 9 rocket


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