Vital Organs: Brand new digital edition from How It Works

The How It Works Book of the Vital Organs is part 2 of our Human Body series, and is jam packed with amazing information on our vital organs. From how are kidneys function to how respiration works, this digital edition is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of human anatomy, or just wants some incredible facts to amaze their friends with!

HIW_The_Vital_Organs DPS1

See inside your skin, and find out how your heart beats to keep you alive.


HIW_The_Vital_Organs DPS2

The pancreas is incredibly important to bodily function, working to control blood sugar levels and helping break down food.

This brilliant digital edition is on sale now for the bargain price of £2.29, so why not grab your smartphone or tablet and download it today! You can get it from, or download it directly from the brilliant How It Works app and search ‘Vital Organs’.

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