Web cameras in focus

A web camera is a small video camera designed to record and transmit images and/or video to a computer or network in real-time, with feeds typically sent over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet connection.

Unlike full-scale video cameras, webcams are designed to only capture and record video over a relatively small area, typically with their focus being a user positioned directly in front of them. As such, their sensors, lenses and chipsets tend to be very small and simple, and are selected according to their low weight and cost to manufacture. Further, recorded images and video are transmitted and stored remotely, not on the camera itself.

Standard webcams today are both connected to a computer and also powered by a USB cable, which grants a fast enough transfer rate to transmit images and video live and also helps reduce the camera’s
weight even more, as no internal battery is needed. Many laptops also have webcams built in.

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