What if the dinosaurs didn’t die out? Find out in How It Works Issue 86

We’ve all pondered ‘what if?’ at some point in our lives and so here at How It Works we’ve used real science to answer some of the most absurd questions. What if everyone jumped at once? What if the bees dies out? What if gravity was twice as strong? You can find the answer to all of these and more in Issue 86!

Also inside this issue:

  • A day in the life of a synchrotron scientist: We spoke to people using giant telescopes to make ground-breaking discoveries
  • The fastest things on Earth: From super cars to sports stars
  • Supersonic without the boom: How NASA plans to build a quieter Concorde
  • The Falkirk Wheel: The ingenious engineering behind the world’s only rotating boat lift
The Falkirk Wheel How It Works Issue 86

The Falkirk Wheel in How It Works Issue 86

  • How do road sweepers work?: Inside the machines that keep the streets clean
  • Understanding diabetes: What happens when blood sugar gets out of control?
  • 60 second science: The states of matter
  • Muscle cramps: What causes unexpected and painful spasms?
  • Travel 2050: How technology will transform the holidays of the future
  • Chainsaws: Discover the inner workings of these cutting-edge tools
Chainsaws How It Works Issue 86

Chainsaws in How It Works Issue 86

  • Dyson’s air purifier: Inside the fan that removes 99.95 percent of pollutants
  • Drone racing: The new high-octane sport testing the world’s best quadcopter pilots
  • Cats vs dogs: We settle the rivalry once and for all
  • What is could seeding?: How we can make it rain, snow or shine
  • Crystal giants: Inside the beautiful but deadly Cave of Crystals
  • Inside Spaceport America: The world’s first commercial spaceport
  • Near-Earth misses: The science behind the sensationalist headlines about asteroids
  • How do gas giants form?: The two competing theories about the formation of Jupiter and Saturn
  • 10 accidental discoveries that changed the world
Accidental discoveries How It Works Issue 86

Accidental discoveries in How It Works Issue 86

  • Roman crime and punishment: How did they maintain social order in ancient Rome?
  • Global Eye: Meet the real-life hobbits and debate the threat of antibiotic resistance
  • Book reviews: Our verdict on the latest science reads
  • How To: Discover how to make a lemon battery and build a vacuum cleaner
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why does seeing food make your mouth water? And do fish get thirsty?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works Issue 86

How It Works Issue 86