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What On Earth Is It? – #18

If you think you know what it really is, or – even better – you have a hilariously silly concept of what it might be (but definitely isn’t), drop us a line and get your suggestion printed in the magazine next month.

  • mark


  • Jamie Fry

    It is some kind of hairy caterpillar.

  • Hannah E.

    An elaborate sort of toilet brush?

  • Owl17

    Some sort of tropical plant

  • Dennis Yang

    Plastic feather duster

  • Will Rendall

    Hairy plant

  • Charles

    hairy spider legs

  • Chris Vanderpool

    It’s the larva of the Pyrrharctia isabella moth, also known as the Banded Woolly Bear caterpillar.

  • Maria

    Some kind of spiny microscopic killer plant?