How It Works

What On Earth Is It? – #21

If you think you know what it really is, or – even better – you have a hilariously silly concept of what it might be (but definitely isn’t), drop us a line and get your suggestion printed in the magazine next month.

  • Bradley

    Hmm…It must be the steel girders in the proposed SpacePort..

  • Hannah E.

    A close up of hair filled with dandruff…

  • Hans

    It’s asbestos or espestice!!

  • Hans

    It’s asbestos or espestice !!

  • Pavit

    Spider web with gold coins!

  • Could this be what’s underneath Sir Les Patterson’s plughole?

  • Farzaan Malik

    An Ultimate Booby Trap!

  • henry

    flea eggs in dog hair (close up)??

  • Sai Mun Wan

    The Ultimate climbing frame!

  • Sai Mun Wan

    sticks in a lake?

  • Garth

    Has the solution for this picture been published yet?

    • Hi Garth,

      It’s in How It Works issue 30, which goes on sale Thursday 26 January.

      Kind regards,

      Jonny O’Callaghan
      Staff Writer