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What on Earth is it?

The third of this weekend’s What On Earth Is It? pictures has arrived. If you think you know what it really is, or – even better – you have a hilariously silly concept of what it might be (but definitely isn’t), drop us a line and get your suggestion printed in the magazine next month.

This one may look harmless enough, but the tentacles on this species spell the end for some insects. We fear we’ve said too much.

  • Derek Potter

    This is the African Sundew (Drosera capensis)

  • I believe that this plant is a Sundew, which is rather beautiful but deadly. Insects are attracted to the plant and when they land they get glued stuck and the leave closes in on the plant as the insect struggles. The insect is doomed to a slow and sticky end.

  • Laura Danning

    Yes, some sort of sundew.

  • Sai Mun Wan

    It’s a building in Dubai! ^^