What On Earth Is It?

Think you’ve seen everything there is to marvel about in this wacky place we call the universe? Think again. Over the next few days we’re going to be posting some very unusual images – be they animal, vegetable or mineral. The idea is that you guys come up with your own inventive ideas for what is depicted in these weird and wonderful photos. The best suggestions will be printed in the magazine. So go on, amaze us with your educated guesswork or crack us up with your imaginative guesses. The funnier the better, it’s the weekend after all.

© Nick Hobgood 2006

Have you ever seen anything like this before, does it look like an unfortunate family member, could you have a stab in the dark and send us the correct answer? The best (and of course funniest) ideas, answers will be printed next issue together with a full description of what each image really is.