What would happen to our weather without the Moon?

Losing the Moon would have a catastrophic effect on world climates

It’s difficult to know exactly what would happen to our weather if the Moon were destroyed, but it wouldn’t be good. The Moon powers Earth’s tides, which in turn influence our weather systems. In addition, the loss of the Moon would affect the Earth’s rotation – how it spins on its axis. The presence of the Moon creates a sort of drag, so its loss would probably speed up the rotation, changing the length of day and night. In addition it would alter the tilt of the Earth too, which causes the changes in our seasons. Some places would be much colder while others would become much hotter. Let’s not neglect the impact of the actual destruction, either; that much debris would block out the Sun and rain down on Earth, causing massive loss of life. Huge chunks that hit the ocean could cause great tidal waves, for instance.