When a lion is mated with a tiger you get a…

At 900 lbs, supercat Sinbad dwarfs the mighty Bengal Tiger’s average weight of 520 lbs, a full 380 lbs heavier. In fact, at 900 lbs, Sinbad weighs roughly the same as both his father and mother combined!

Despite a liger’s obvious physical dominance, they only exist in captivity as tigers and lions would never voluntarily mate in the wild, and further, live in different regions and environments. In addition, ligers tend to have short life spans as well as numerous health risks and defects when born, a process which often has to be undertook by cesarian.

The breeding of lions with tigers is not a new process, as records exist from the late 19th century in India documenting their existence, as well as historical evidence of two liger cubs exhibited to William IV in 1837.