When cooking with wine does all the alcohol evaporate?


Cooking with wine or any other alcoholic beverages will always leave some alcohol in the finished meal. The amount of remaining alcohol depends on both the cooking time and method. The longer the cooking time, the more alcohol will evaporate. Water and alcohol molecules have an affinity for one another and form an azeotrope – a mixture with similar characteristics to a compound. Water normally boils at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) where as alcohol boils at 78.4 degrees Celsius (173 degrees Fahrenheit). As an azeotropic mix, they boil together somewhere between these points; the exact temperature depends on the ratio of water to alcohol. Wine (and food) contains water and will behave in this way – all the liquid in the food would need to evaporate to remove all traces of alcohol.

Answered by Rik Sargent