Who is the greatest inventor of them all?

From Da Vinci to Dyson, Galileo to Gates, history is defined by its inventors and their creations.

The men and women who not only had an earth-shattering brainwave but also following through with it have defined the world we live in today and they rightly live on in our memories.

In order to celebrate the people who brought us such varied inventions as rockets, cameras and microscopes, we bring you the How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations.

In this fascinating bookazine you’ll learn all about how inventors like Benjamin Franklin, Tim Berners-Lee and Johannes Gutenberg came up with their creations.

Also included are selected diary entries, letters, technical drawings and diagrams from the biggest names in the science and technology fields, giving you the chance to learn more about these heroes of history and their contributions to the world.

Pick up a copy of the bookazine right here for the bargain price of £9.99.

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