Will your next home be underwater?

underwater, home, H2OME
Credit: Karine Rousseau Interior Design Studio

While a week-long luxury holiday or research trip might be enough for most of us, if you want something more permanent, there are now a few companies that will build you a permanent undersea residence. US Submarine Structures LLC is currently constructing two-bedroom circular houses that can be anchored to the seabed of your choice.

The ‘H2OME’ project can cope with depths between ten and 20 metres (33-66 feet) and is connected to the surface via a lift in the central pillar. This means the air inside the house is the same pressure as the surface, so there is no need for airlocks or lengthy decompression procedures when you leave.

The panoramic acrylic windows extend around the house, offering views from every room. Each habitat features over 460 square metres (5,000 square feet) of living space, complete with luxury furnishings and décor inspired by five-star hotels and superyachts.

You can read about more underwater buildings in the latest issue of How It Works – available from here.