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World of Animals

From the creators of How It Works, All About Space and All About History comes World of Animals – the new magazine dedicated to our planet’s breathtaking wildlife.

World of Animals magazine, which is set to hit the shops on 28 November, features 100 pages jam-packed with stunning photography and fascinating facts that will take you on a journey to discover the animals found braving the coldest climes of the poles to those who live in the wettest rainforests and the hottest deserts on Earth.

And now they’ve launched a really wild website to match!

Head over to to find out everything from why dogs have better hearing than us to where the most poisonous snake lives. Watch videos of our wildlife in action, win prizes with your best nature snaps and much more!

And that’s not all, they’ve got a free one-year subscription to World of Animals up for grabs to celebrate the launch of the brand-new website. Simply click here for details on how to enter the first-ever World of Animals competition!

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