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WITHINGS PULSE fitness tracker

Win a Withings Pulse fitness tracker with the How It Works Issue 76 quiz

WITHINGS PULSE fitness tracker

You could win a Withings Pulse O2 wearable fitness tracker by answering just one simple question based on the latest issue of How It Works magazine!

The Withings Pulse O2 fitness tracker can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels as well as your sleep and steps. Your stats are displayed via an app available on both iOS and Android that connects to the device via Bluetooth. You can wear the Pulse O2 on your wrist with one of the three styles of strap supplied, and the tracker can last for two weeks between charges.

The answer to our quiz can be found somewhere in issue 76, in which we reveal the world’s deadliest predators, uncover the wonders of water, give you the ultimate wilderness survival guide and much, much more!

To get your hands on a copy, visit any good retailer, order it online or download it onto your digital device. Then click ‘Continue’ to take part in our quick quiz!