Wish List: Eco-friendly gadgets 2019

©click & grow IIc

The Smart Garden 9

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is a great way to cut down on plastic packaging and reduce your carbon footprint. However, in urbanised areas access to a garden can be limited – but not with the Smart Garden 3. Using ‘smart soil’, water is evenly distributed within each seed-hosting plant pod, free of pesticides, fungicides and hormones. From lavender to lettuce, seedlings can be germinated under a built-in, low-energy LED light, consuming only eight watts of power. 


©Yirego Corp


Portable and pedal-powered, Yirego Drumi is the answer to low-energy laundry. Perfect for cleaning a small load of clothes, this manually powered washing machine can hold two kilograms of laundry. Without a single volt of electricity used, the Drumi is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. Using the removable spinning drum, it promises clean clothes in five to ten minutes.



GoSun Grill®

The GoSun Grill uses the power of the Sun to cook your meals during a day at the beach or relaxing in the garden. Filling the removable food tray, this solar-powered oven claims to be able to bake, boil and steam enough food for eight people. The GoSun uses its reflective panels and a glass chamber to cook meals even on overcast days.



FinalStraw 2.0 

Single-use straws can wreak havoc on the world’s oceans, and with a growing movement seeking their eradication, FinalStraw has introduced the second instalment of their collapsible metal straw. Smaller than its predecessor, the FinalStraw 2.0 folds into a compact case roughly eight centimetres tall and equipped to hang neatly on any keychain.




Ditching single-use coffee cups has now been made easier with this collapsible cup: this cup can hold around 470 millilitres of liquid and can flatten down into a compact disk for easy storage in a bag or pocket. BPA safe and microwave safe, stojo is the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee on the go without throwing away environmentally harmful plastics.




Saving on electricity is not only good for your bank balance but can drastically lower your carbon footprint. The Nest Learning Thermostat becomes accustomed to your heating habits and automatically adjusts energy consumption, such as shutting off heat when you’re not home and the hot water when you’re on holiday. The accompanying app also enables you to monitor your energy use and how best to use less.



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