Wish List: health and fitness gadgets 2019


KuaiFit K Headphones​

As well as being comfortable fitting headphones, the KuaiFit K Headphones are a great partner gadget during any physical activity. These Bluetooth-enabled, noise-cancelling wireless headphones not only play your favourite tunes at the touch of a button but also act as an in-ear coach. The KuaiFit app is filled with training programmes for you to listen to while on a run. Price: £49.99 / $49



Polar M430 GPS watch

Jam-packed with a whole host of features, the Polar M430 is an excellent addition to anyone’s fitness regime. As a GPS smartwatch, the M430 not only measures distance, heart rate and speed but also offers several training programmes to further your fitness. These include running programmes, heart rate testing and interval timers.  Price: £174.50 / $199.95




Often we measure our fitness success based on our waistline or the results of a weighing scale, however, the Skulpt scanner is taking a different approach to monitoring our fitness success. Using electrical impulses, Skulpt is able to measure body fat and muscle quality across the body to provide a body breakdown of your overall fitness. Price: approx. £75 / $99




Hidrate Spark 2.0

Hydration is key while exercising, but it’s easy to forget to take a sip of water during a session. The Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that not only glows to indicate it’s time to drink but monitors your drinking habits. With the aid of an accompanying app, the Bluetooth enabled Hidrate Spark measures every sip taken. The Hidrate app will also pair with other smart devices and even offer a suggestion for your daily water intake. Price: approx. £35 / $45 



Digitsole Run Profiler

The first of its kind, Digitsole is a smart trainer insole perfect for runners (or cyclists) looking for feedback to better understand their movements on a run. Bluetooth connected, the accompanying app records a runner’s speed, pace and stride with the aid of the in-built sensors. Not just a monitoring tool, the Digitsole can also offer advice on future runs and even identify when a runner is experiencing fatigue. Price: approx. £85 / approx. $115



Raptor AR Smartgalsses

With a unique combination of augmented reality and cycling, the Raptor smartglasses are able to show the wearer’s stats without them taking an eye off the road. Keep track of your heart rate, distance and speed through Everysight’s BEAM projection technology. Not only can you monitor your progress while on route, but riders can also record video and take stills of their surroundings. With eight hours of battery life, Raptor is perfect for triathlon training or for simply capturing a scenic cycle. Price: From £649 / approx. $855



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