Wish List: Homeschooling gadgets 2021

© Thames & Kosmos, LLC

Happy Atoms Complete Set

Visualising the atoms that make up the universe and everything within can be challenging. However, the Happy Atoms Complete Set from Thames and Kosmos is a great tool for understanding the world of molecules. Complete with magnetically connecting atom models, this science kit allows students to build a vast number of molecules from 16 periodic table elements. Once constructed, using the companion app models can be scanned and recognised to reveal a whole host of information about the properties of the molecules. The free app is also filled with guided quests to explore the world of molecules and tracks your progress to improve your knowledge of chemistry.

© Jamstick

Jamstick 7

Fine-tune your musical skills with the Jamstick 7 app-interactive guitar. Learning an instrument in isolation can be difficult without a teacher by your side guiding you through a lesson. This high-tech guitar uses a companion app that works as a virtual teacher and shows your finger positions on the screen in real-time before you strum a chord so that you hit the right note. Along with virtual tutorials, the Jamstick app offers Guitar Hero-style games to help you improve your skills.

© Kano

Kano PC

If you are looking for your kids first computer this Christmas, then the Kano PC could be the perfect starting point. Created to educate and entertain this “built it yourself” computer is a great way to not only consume content, but to also create it for themselves. This module laptop is Powered by Windows 10 and works like a typical PC but with built-in software to teach your children about the varied world of coding and computer science.

© Pebble Gear

Frozen 2 kids tablet

Keeping the youngest children in the family entertained while learning can be a difficult task. Products such as the Frozen 2 kids tablet by Pebble Gear offer a great way to allow children to freely use some of the 500 games, educational apps and exclusive e-books while maintaining a level of fun. Each tablet is equipped with full parental control features and a polarising filter to help protect your children’s eyes as they play and read.

© Monoprice

MP Cadet 3D printer

If you’ve got a budding engineer at home then the MP Cadet 3D printer may be a great tool to introduce them to the world of digital design and the frontier of 3D printing. Arriving fully assembled and WiFi-enabled, this printer is a straightforward product for beginners. The free companion app is filled with downloadable models for you to print, and with built-in automatic levelling, beginners don’t have to worry about manually adjusting the height of the surface models print on.

© Thames & Kosmos, LLC

Day & Night Globe

If you’re looking to boost your geography and astronomy skills then the Day & Night Globe from Thames and Kosmos is a great addition to your at-home classroom. The globe’s detailed design shows not only the world’s countries and their borders but also mountain ranges, rivers and more. Flipping the globe’s switch, this educational tool illuminates to reveal the stars overhead, depicting some of the most important constellations and stars that we can see from Earth.

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