Women in Science

On Women in Science Day 2019, discover some of the most influential women in science throughout history 

Ada Lovelace 

A talented mathematician and a pioneering computer engineer [Read more]

Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace Day, 14 October, Analytical Engine

Marie Curie 

Meet the woman who became world famous through her work in physics and chemistry [Read more]

Marie Curie

Lise Meitner

An innovative physicist and the mother of nuclear fission [Read more]

Katherine Johnson 

The human ‘computer’ who helped land man on the Moon [Read more]

Mary Anning 

A trailblazer for palaeontology who excavated prehistoric fossils and helps broaden scientific study [Read more] 

Florence Nightingale 

The mother of modern-day nursing [Read more] 

Rosalind Franklin 

How the work of the ‘Dark Lady of Science’ helped to solve the mystery of DNA [Read more]

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