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How It Works 66 quiz

Answer ten questions to be in with a chance of winning an awesome Airfix Boeing 737


Watch the hognose snake play dead to deceive predators

Hognose snakes are incredibly skilled at scaring off predators, but they also have another cunning trick to use as a back up. If their initial defence, which involves spreading out their neck to mimic a cobra snake and hissing and striking, doesn’t … Continued

Reconstructed neuronal connections in the brain. Thomas Schultz.

Monster telescope could unlock high-res images of the universe and brain

New imaging techniques could unlock secrets of the universe, as well as provide detailed information about the brain. A team of astrophysicists, engineers and computer scientists are conducting research to develop radio interferometric telescope arrays, instruments that record and correlate electromagnetic … Continued

Gecko found on rope in Antigua

Gecko-inspired gloves let you scale walls of glass

Being able to scale walls like Spider-Man has just gone from being comic-book fiction to an exciting reality. A newly developed synthetic adhesion system inspired by geckos has been created and tested, enabling a 70-kilogram (154-pound) human to scale a 3.6-metre (12-foot) pane … Continued


Woolly mammoths could be brought back from extinction

The discovery of a female mammoth carcass preserved in snow could allow biologists to bring the ancient creatures back from extinction. The mammoth, which scientists have nicknamed Buttercup, was found frozen in Siberia in May 2013, and carbon dating of her flesh has revealed that she … Continued


Why do women have a higher life expectancy than men?

Statistically women are expected to live, on average, four years longer than men. The traditional argument is that men take more risks. This idea has arisen from studies that show men are more likely to die in car accidents, and … Continued

A close-up shot of a can of beer

Why doesn’t alcohol freeze in the freezer?

The type of alcohol that people can drink is called ethanol and has a freezing point of -114°C, much lower than a domestic freezer can reach. However, ethanol is always mixed with water and other flavourings before being drunk and this … Continued

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