Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Top 5 Facts: The Colosseum

1) What’s in a name The name ‘Colossuem’ is believed to have derived from a bronze statue of Nero, erected nearby. It was later remodelled into the likeness of Helios/Apollo the Sun god. 2) Super-sized The elliptical stadium is 189 metres (615 … Continued

Sugar on a spoon

How is man-made sugar produced?

Several different chemicals are used as artificial sweeteners. The very first was sugar of lead, used by the Romans. It was made by boiling grape juice in lead pots, but it’s quite toxic and was banned in the 18th century … Continued


Top 5 Facts: Venus

1) Venus has phases like a moon When closest to the Earth, Venus appears bright and crescent-shaped. When it is further away, the planet is dim and round. 2) It rotates backwards Venus has a retrograde, or west to east, rotation. This … Continued


New Airboard is the world’s smallest manned aircraft

This ultralight quadcopter could provide the answer for people dreaming of piloting their own aircraft. A thermal battery powers four high-speed electric motors, which allows the Airboard to fly over any type of terrain you can throw at it. The … Continued

Volvo Integrated Safety Truck 2

How power assisted steering takes the strain out of driving

Before the invention of power assisted steering, a three-point turn took a tremendous amount of time and effort.   Changing the direction of the wheels, tyres, brake discs, pads and framework used to leave many drivers with a repetitive strain … Continued

Magazine Issues

Discover how astronauts survive the perils of space

Ever wondered what life in space is actually like?   Since Yuri Gagarin became the first man to leave earth in 1961, the life of an astronaut has changed drastically.   The Book of Astronauts is the latest digital book … Continued

Future Of Space Travel
Magazine Issues

Discover the next 500 years of space travel

How It Works has teamed up with All About Space magazine to bring you a complete guide to the future of space travel. Discover where we could visit in the next 5 to 500 years and how we will get there, with … Continued

Mountain peak in the Andes

Why does air pressure alter at different altitudes?

Although it’s easy to forget, air molecules all weigh something, and their combined weight pressing down is what causes this pressure. At sea level, the column of air above you weighs about a ton. As you gain altitude, the number … Continued


Top 5 Facts: Sharks

1) Huge liver The liver of a shark can comprise up to 30 per cent of its body mass and performs an incredible number of tasks, including keeping it afloat. 2) No reverse gear Sharks can’t use their fins to paddle, … Continued


What lies between the galaxies?

Intergalactic space is what lies between the galaxies and many experts believe it to be filled with some kind of super-thin gas. Then again, there is also the theorised dark matter, the mysterious substance that emits neither light nor radiation … Continued

Loaf of brown bread

Why is brown bread ‘better’ than white?

Some brown breads are merely white breads with added sugars and colourings – and therefore no better for you at all. The key word to look for is ‘wholegrain’, which means the bread, or flour, contains the germ and bran portion … Continued

Tyrannosaurus rex

Top 5 Facts: Dinosaurs

1) Tallest dinosaur The tallest of all the dinosaurs was the giant Brachiosaurus, mainly thanks to its giraffe- like neck, which stood at a rather impressive height of 50 feet. 2) Shortest dinosaur  In contrast, one of the smallest dinosaurs to … Continued

Man listening to music

Why do songs get stuck in our heads?

It’s a universal truth that most of us can remember, word for word, a certain song, or songs, from our early childhood. It’s an extreme example of this question: namely, what makes a song memorable? It’s probably a combination of … Continued

Love heart

The science of love: Why do we fall head over heels?

Falling in love might seem magical and mysterious, but it’s actually the result of a series of hormones and chemicals released by your brain. The 3 stages of falling in love 1) Lust When we reach puberty, testosterone and oestrogen become active in … Continued

A macro photograph of an ant on a leaf

Top 5 Facts: Ants

1) Strength in numbers Approximately 12,000 known species of ant compose around about 1.4% of the world’s total insect species. 2) Survival of the fittest The family Formicidae are hardy little critters, who have existed on Earth for more than 140 million … Continued

Dubai Police Car

Dubai Police patrol city in Lamborghini and Ferrari supercars

Dubai might just have the fastest police force in the world. Rather than using Vauxhalls and Fords, the local law enforcement officers patrol the city streets in a fleet of supercars, including Lamborghini Aventadors, Bugatti Veyrons, Chevrolet Camaro SSs and Bentley Continentals. The Lamborghini … Continued

SmartMat yoga

SmartMat interactive yoga mat helps you perfect your pose

Yoga can be difficult to learn without guidance from a trained instructor, but now you can practice your downward facing dog and lotus pose at home on your own with the new SmartMat. This intelligent yoga mat uses pressure sensors to determine your balance … Continued

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