Blue moon

What is a blue moon?

A blue moon isn’t actually blue. The term is in fact used to describe the second of two full moons appearing in the same calendar month. However, even if it isn’t an unusual colour, a full moon is still a majestic sight, and … Continued

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5 common shark myths busted

Despite what you may have seen in movies such as Jaws, sharks are not the mindless killing machines that their on-screen portrayals suggest. In fact, there are several common misconceptions about sharks, making them on of the most misunderstood creatures on the … Continued


Red Arrows: HIW interview Red 2 pilot Mike Bowden

As part of our feature on aerobatic displays in our latest issue, we were fortunate enough to speak with Mike Bowden, the current pilot of Red 2. He was keen to shed light on the rigours or training to become … Continued


G-force explained: How acceleration can knock you out

When you’re hurtling down the steel track of a roller coaster, it might seem that your stomach is climbing into your throat, and your eyes are squishing deep into your skull. Several forces are at play when you feel that way. … Continued

Girl with umbrella in the rain

Earth’s water cycle: Why does it rain?

Rain is defined as liquid precipitation. It is formed high above the ground in clouds by water vapour coming together into large droplets that become too heavy for the air to support. Gatherings of condensed water vapour are called clouds, and … Continued


New Horizons: Pluto’s secrets revealed by NASA flyby

The debate surrounding Pluto’s size has finally been settled, according to brand new results returned by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. Pluto has been found to be about 2.370 kilometres (1,473 miles) in diameter, making it somewhat larger than previous estimates … Continued

Apollo 11 Lander

NASA’s Apollo 11: How the Lander Module worked

The Lander, also known as the Lunar Module (LM), was a two-stage craft built to separate from the Apollo Command and Service Module, and then travel to and from the moon’s surface. It first landed on the moon on 20 … Continued


NASA unveil new Pluto photos from New Horizons

The New Horizons spacecraft just keeps on giving, providing us with this new photo of a close up near to Pluto’s equator. This is the first ever close up image of Pluto’s surface, and details a young, icy mountain range … Continued


Pluto: What we know about the dwarf planet so far

The astronomer Percival Lowell predicted the existence of a ninth planet in our solar system, beyond the orbit of Neptune. Lowell failed to find Planet X in his lifetime, but Clyde Tombaugh – using the Lowell Observatory in Arizona – confirmed … Continued


Shark Week: 5 Questions with a Shark Champion

How It Works spoke to Richard Peirce, chairman of the Shark Trust, about sharks, their behaviour around humans and how many species are becoming increasingly endangered. The Shark Trust is a registered UK charity that’s dedicated to the conservation of … Continued


Shark Week: 25 fascinating questions about sharks answered

It’s Shark Week and we’re celebrating the incredible world of the shark. Not sea monsters as they’re often portrayed in film, but the remarkable and intelligent species with many unique and surprising skills. Scroll down to find the answers to … Continued


Shark Week: How to draw a great white shark

Shark week is here and our sister magazine World of Animals is celebrating by showing you how to create a great white shark in your very own home. While it takes 15 years for a great white to reach full … Continued

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