Why do peacocks have such unusual feathers?

The standard explanation, first posited by Charles Darwin, is that the peacock is advertising to the peahen what a good mate he will make. Peahens choose the males with the most impressive tails because it demonstrates that they are healthy … Continued

Bee on a flower

Why do bees buzz?

Bees, like most insects, don’t have muscles directly connected to their wings. Instead, the flight muscles are attached to the roof wall of the thorax. When it is pulled down, the thorax suddenly pops inward, like the dent that appears when … Continued

On Stride Financial Banknote

How often does a banknote change hands?

If you’ve ever received a rather tatty-looking banknote, you may have wondered how many hands it has passed through on its journey to your wallet, purse or pocket. Well, On Stride Financial has now worked out its journey by calculating the velocity of … Continued

Marie Antoinette

Did Marie Antoinette really say “Let them eat cake”?

Probably one of the most famous myths ever to spread through Western culture, Queen of France Marie Antoinette’s sentiment that if French peasants had no bread to eat then they should eat cake instead is at best a misunderstanding and … Continued


Why does water expand when it freezes?

The molecules of most elements are more compact in their solid form than they are in their liquid state, but water is different. As you may know, each water molecule is made up of one oxygen atom with two hydrogen … Continued

Airfix, Ford Fiesta, prize, competition, quiz, win, How It Works 67

How It Works 67 quiz

Can you get all ten questions right to be in with a chance of winning an Airfix Ford Fiesta

How It Works Issue 67 World Of Tomorrow cover
Magazine Issues

Discover the world of tomorrow in How It Works Issue 67

How It Works Issue 67 is on sale now, and inside you’ll discover the incredible world we could soon all be living in. From high-tech cities with solar-powered trees and vertical farms, to flying cars that will let you soar above gridlocked roads, … Continued


HIV virus is becoming weaker and could lead to the end of AIDS

HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, is evolving and becoming less deadly, new research has revealed. When a person becomes infected with HIV, the virus attacks their immune system, and weakens their ability to fight infections and disease. It can rapidly mutate … Continued


How does a shark navigate?

Sharks have a special electric sense that enables them to home in on small electric signals generated by prey. But the special electroreceptors in their skin also appear to be important in the long trans-oceanic migrations made by some species. The receptors develop … Continued

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