Sunburnt man

How does sunburn damage the skin?

Sunburn is caused by an overexposure to either sunlight or artificial UV rays. Sunburn doesn’t occur every time the skin is exposed, indeed low- level exposure often causes tanning, a darkening of the skin caused by an increase in levels of … Continued

Crowded Beach

Heatwaves explained: The causes and effects of hot weather

Although, according to Met Office meteorologist John Hammond, there’s no official definition of a heatwave, these hot-weather phenomena take their toll not only on a population’s health, but also business and infrastructure – such as power, water and transport. A heatwave … Continued


Asteroids: The ultimate guide to killer space rocks

Asteroids are small solar system bodies (SSSBs) that fall between the size of a planet and the size of a meteoroid. Ranging from just a few hundred centimetres to a few hundred kilometres in diameter, asteroids are made of rocks and … Continued

Asteroids hitting Earth

Is an asteroid going to hit Earth?

It’s Asteroid Day, and our friends at All About Space magazine have asked asteroid researcher Professor Alan Fitzsimmonds 5 questions about the threat space rocks pose to life on Earth, how we detect potential Earth-trajectory planet-killers and what we can do about them. Here … Continued


Why is chocolate bad for animals?

Nearly all humans love chocolate, it gives us immense pleasure when we devour it and contains nothing that is directly harmful too us, unless you include the fat and sugar that can be detrimental to our overall health. However, it’s … Continued

How to tell a dinosaurs age?

Dating fossils: How do you tell a dinosaur’s age?

No, this isn’t the set up for a prehistoric joke, finding the age of dinosaur fossils is actually an incredibly difficult task. Although the dinosaurs roamed the earth for 165 billion years, no single species lasted for this long. Therefore, to work out exactly … Continued

What happens when muscles cramp

What causes muscle cramp?

Muscle cramp can be very painful, typically occurring in your legs or arms. If you’ve ever been for a really long jog, or pushed yourself a bit too hard in the gym, then you have probably felt this uncomfortable muscle spasm, but thankfully … Continued

What causes a double rainbow?

What causes a double rainbow?

A single rainbow is a beautiful sight to behold, but a double rainbow is even more rare and spectacular. You may have been lucky enough to see one first-hand, but if not, then you can witness the double rainbow’s awe-inspiring effects in Yosemitebear62’s infamous … Continued


GravityLight: The device that generates light from gravity

You’ve heard of solar-power, wind-power, and even poo-power, but the latest renewable energy innovation uses gravity to generate electricity. The GravityLight device was invented by Jim Reeves and Martin Riddiford as a much-needed solution to an important problem. 20% of … Continued

Diagram of tooth anatomy

What are root canals?

Although they seem pretty solid, our teeth are hollow inside – all the way to the roots. The core is filled with nerves, blood vessels and a connective tissue called dental pulp. In the actual tooth, this space is known as the … Continued


Stegosaurus: The giant herbivore with a deadly tail

Maybe the most iconic genus of dinosaurs ever excavated, the Stegosaurus was a herbivorous titan, capable of consuming huge quantities of low-level foliage while protecting itself from predators with its vast armoured frame and potentially lethal spiked tail. The first example … Continued

Biggest dinosaurs

Prehistoric giants: The biggest dinosaurs to ever exist

It’s somewhat frightening to imagine what it must have been like to wander around the plains of Africa and Argentina 100 million years ago. Whereas today you’d be hard-pressed to encounter a beast any bigger than yourself, back then you’d be … Continued

Atmospheric mountainous landscape with live volcanos and dinosaurs.

Top 10 deadliest dinosaurs

Here’s our ultimate ranking of the 10 most terrifying beasts that ever lived… 1) Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus rex (“tie-RAN-a-SORE-uss rex”) needs no introduction; its reputation as the ultimate carnivore and most badass dinosaur ever to roam the Earth precedes it. Tyrannosaurus rex … Continued


The ferocious power of the famous Triceratops

One of the most well-known dinosaurs, the triceratops was a herbivorous titan that was very well equipped for a fight. Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous dinosaur that comprises two validated species – triceratops horrid us and triceratops prorsus, both of which roamed Earth during … Continued


T-Rex myths busted: What did Jurassic Park get wrong?

Tyrannosaurus rex was a species of Theropoda dinosaur in the Late Cretaceous period. Like other tyrannosaurids – such as Tarbosaurus and Gorgosaurus – the T-rex was a bipedal carnivore and apex predator and scavenger, preying on smaller dinosaurs directly or out-muscling … Continued

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