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Has spring sprung too soon?

If you are living in the UK currently you might say absolutely not, as snow continues to cause nation wide mayhem. However on a global scale, spring is coming sooner then expected. In a study published in journal Scientific reports … Continued

World’s most venomous spiders are long lost cousins

You would not like to find these cousins hanging out in your home. These two groups of dangerous spiders carrying highly venomous toxins found are both found in Australia, and have been considered only distantly related until recently. San Diego State … Continued

We need more bees – and more bee species!

Whether we love them or we’re scared of them, we all know how important bees are to our ecosystem, and we really rely on them. Estimates suggest that a third of the food we consume relies on pollination primarily by … Continued

Timeline: The Evolution of Charles Darwin

As the father of evolutionary biology, Charles Robert Darwin is the most famous and influential naturalists of his time, if not of all time. Dedicating his life to the study of the natural world and the processes that drive it, … Continued

How do cheetahs maintain their balance while they run?

As the fastest land animals this world has to offer, cheetahs have to remain balanced in order to not trip over their own legs. Researchers at the American Museum of Natural History have uncovered it’s a inner ear solution to … Continued

Bringing the plants of Pandora to life

(Picture Credit:American Chemical Society) The iconic glow of life in the 2009 film ‘Avatar’ is something that would only be dreamt up in the writers room or is it? Bioluminescence is a naturally occurring process and seen across a spectrum … Continued

Chameleons glow blue under UV light

(Picture credit: David Prötzel, ZSM/LMU) Chameleons are well known for their ability to change colour to suit their environment, but a new study has revealed they also change under UV light. Researchers in Munich have discovered that different species of … Continued

Plastic: The science behind the indestructible

Since the first fully synthetic plastic was invented in 1907 by chemist Leo Baekeland, Bakelite or polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride (try saying that three times fast!) has paved the way for the modern era of plastic. Now over 100 years since it’s invention, … Continued

Coral Polyps: The Building Blocks of Coral Reefs

Coral bleaching is the biggest threat facing current reef systems. A recent study of 100 reefs showed that bleaching events, previously occurring between 25-30 year, now occur on average every six years. Caused by the increasing temperature of surrounding water, … Continued

Orangutans are built for the jungle

  For more tech news, pick up your copy of issue 100 from all good retailers or from our website now. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can also download the digital version onto your iOS or Android device. … Continued

The Skeleton Coast

Discover the Namibian coastline that’s strewn with rusted ships and human bones…

Devils Tower

Explore the origins behind this mysterious American monument

The giant crystal cave

The spectacular secret treasures that have been growing beneath Mexico for 500,000 years.