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Orangutans are built for the jungle

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The Skeleton Coast

Discover the Namibian coastline that’s strewn with rusted ships and human bones…

Devils Tower

Explore the origins behind this mysterious American monument

The giant crystal cave

The spectacular secret treasures that have been growing beneath Mexico for 500,000 years.

The life cycle of gentoo penguins

As interesting as they are adorable, gentoo penguins have developed a sophisticated life cycle to thrive in the frozen South.

Pleistocene Park

The amazing Pleistocene Park

Over in Siberia, a new area is planning to become the new home of a reborn wooly mammoth

What is fracking?

What is fracking?

It always seems to be causing controversy in the news but what exactly is fracking?

smog tower

A smog free future

How a new smog machine will make cities a clear, cleaner and greener place to live.

Why do leaves turn red in fall?

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us. But what are the scientific reasons behind the stunning reds, oranges and golds of fall?

Dogs are as clever as toddlers

Our best friends are full of surprises, from super-powered noses that can smell illness to dogs that use the subway to get around. Here’s fifteen facts about our canine counterparts

amazing oceans how it works issue 59

World Oceans Day

Oceans cover over two-thirds of the planet. Take the plunge and discover their greatest secrets…