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2017 science

2017: What’s in store

Senior Staff Writer Jack and Production Editor Charlie on what they’d like to see happen in the new year, scientifically speaking of course

Can we bring cells back to life?

Bringing cells back to life

Read the story of one company who is trying to make limb regeneration and reanimation a possibility

How paddle shifting works

How paddle shifting works

How some cars can change gear directly from the steering wheel with no need for a clutch or a gear stick

B9RDTE The dog Laika in the Sputnik 2 second artificial satellite A still from the film The First Soviet Earth Satellites 1957

Animal astronauts

Meet Laika – the first animal in orbit – and the other 9 space pioneering species that paved the way for human spaceflight.

Memory metal

Memory metal

How military vehicles of the future will be protected from missiles and bombs

Mars: episode 2 Grounded

Mars: episode 2

Read our preview of ‘Grounded’ as National Geographic’s new space show returns


Fixing broken genes

New technology that could fight ageing and cure previously incurable diseases

Bionic Hands

Bionic hands

The new multi-functional bionic hands from Newcastle University that could be a game-changer in prosthetic technology


Are you cut out for space travel?

People will soon be setting off for Mars. Do you think you’d make a fine space explorer/astronaut? Take the quiz to find out!