InVisage QuantumFilm technology
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QuantumFilm technology

The product that will make your selfies better and help drones avoid obstacles

The giant crystal cave

The spectacular secret treasures that have been growing beneath Mexico for 500,000 years.
zombie stars

Zombie stars

Meet these hardy survivors of supernovas
Intestinal microbes. Artwork of the human intestinal lumen showing the microbial flora (coloured) present on the lining (pink). These microbes (such as bacteria) are beneficial and aid the digestion of food. Without them, many nutrients would be indigestible.

The good, the bad, and the ugly bacteria

Not all bacteria are bad, but some can be deadly. Discover the trillions of helpful microbes in your body and their equally sinister cousins.
The future is electric

The future is electric

A new era for electric transportation will be here very soon. Read on to find out what, when and how.

The life cycle of gentoo penguins

As interesting as they are adorable, gentoo penguins have developed a sophisticated life cycle to thrive in the frozen South.
Pleistocene Park

The amazing Pleistocene Park

Over in Siberia, a new area is planning to become the new home of a reborn wooly mammoth

How do chocolate fountains flow?

As clever as it is enticing, the chocolate fondue fountain is a modern treat based on an ancient principle.

Camouflaged cars

Meet the ‘selfie-proof’ Ford prototype coated in an optical illusion skin.
What is fracking?

What is fracking?

It always seems to be causing controversy in the news but what exactly is fracking?
smog tower

A smog free future

How a new smog machine will make cities a clear, cleaner and greener place to live.

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