How It Works

The How It Works story began with the launch of the massively successful print magazine in 2009 which kick-started a global brand phenomenon that now includes books, eBooks and iPhone/iPad apps all dedicated to feeding knowledge-hungry minds with amazing information about the world around us.

With expert explanations, dynamic cutaways and breathtaking photography the How It Works brand stands out from other stuffy academic titles and aims to inspire readers of all ages to explore the wonders of science, space, technology, history, transport and the environment through its innovative and exciting approach, breaking down complex topics and presenting them in an entertaining way.

However you like to enjoy science, there’s a How It Works medium for you – be it the traditional print magazine, the innovative digital PixelMags or browsing the goliath online archive. How It Works is bursting with expert answers to thousands of burning questions about the universe. Feed your mind today.

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