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The history of Edinburgh Castle

The scene of numerous sieges, Edinburgh Castle still stands proudly today as a symbol of military might

Buried in a bundle

Forget coffins, urns and sarcophagi, the ancient Peruvians had a very different way of burying their dead…

Driving in 1945

Would you rather drive in 1945?

Less congestion, classic cars and picturesque routes: surely we’d all prefer to drive during 1945? You’d be surprised! The following content has been supplied by Co-op insurance

History’s most gruesome inventions

Our history is spattered with evil execution methods. From the wheel to the World Wide Web, we have invented some truly ground-breaking things during our time on Earth. Yet throughout history, inventors have also been known to put their skills … Continued

What were Roman schools like?

The Romans found a way to school their children without computers, whiteboards or even desks. And the differences don’t end there!

What was school like 100 years ago?

Kids worried about going back to school this week? They should be glad they weren’t at school in Edwardian times!

How to kill Hitler

Inside the July 20 Plot

How close was Hitler to being killed by Stauffenberg’s masterplan?

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was built as a monument commemorating the centenary of the Declaration of Independence