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New cat study shows dominant paw preference

Researchers have discovered that female cats tend to have a dominant right paw, while males favour the left paw. Though unsure of the reasons for this preference, it’s been observed that whether they are stepping into the little box or … Continued

Scientists block the ‘siren call’ of aggressive cancers

Aggressive cancers like glioblastoma and metastatic breast cancers use a siren call that signals to the bone marrow to send over the resources needed for the tumours to thrive. A recent breakthrough has started testing a new treatment that aims at … Continued

A new long-acting malaria therapy has been developed. 

We have battled the microscopic parasite that causes malaria since the first humans walked the Earth. Today, the affliction infects hundreds of millions of people around the world and is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of children. There has … Continued

Spotted: Black hole hiding in giant star cluster

An international team of astronomers led by the University of Göttingen witnessed a star in the globular cluster NGC 3201 acting “curious.” Boomeranged forwards and back, the star reached speeds of several hundred thousand kilometres per hour, with the pattern … Continued

Coral Polyps: The Building Blocks of Coral Reefs

Coral bleaching is the biggest threat facing current reef systems. A recent study of 100 reefs showed that bleaching events, previously occurring between 25-30 year, now occur on average every six years. Caused by the increasing temperature of surrounding water, … Continued

10 Things Nobody Knew This Time Last Year

2017 has seen some incredible discoveries and some fantastic research that will shape the future of our world. It has been a year of innovation, creation, and determination. Here’s ten of the most important things we have learnt this year. … Continued

Sight-saving surgery

Discover how a simple surgical procedure can help restore someone’s vision with Sightsavers