How It Works

The science of anger.

How does this primal emotion override our normal thought processes?  As far as we know, anger is one of the oldest and most primitive forms of emotion. It is believed to have been hard-wired in our brains many thousands of … Continued

The life cycle of a dragonfly.

Discover how the dragonfly develops underwater and emerges as a magnificent flying predator. As the dragonfly mating season gets into full swing during the summer months, streaks of colour can be seen dashing across the sky. This is just the … Continued

Where does tea come from?

Follow the journey from the field to the teacup.  Tea, the hot beverage enjoyed so much in the UK that it has become as quintessentially British as the Queen, begins its life as juicy young leaves on a bush of … Continued

How does popping candy work?

Discover the science behind this sweet’s sizzling sensation. Popping candy explodes on the tip of your tongue, a sensation either loved or loathed by those with a sweet tooth. The secret to its unique fizz, crackle and pop is actually … Continued

Where Valentines Day roses are from

How Valentine’s Day works

Ever wondered where red roses actually come from on Valentine’s Day? Read on for the answer

How metallic hydrogen was made

Metallic hydrogen

How advancements in high-pressure physics have created a new superconductor