5 fascinating facts about dinosaurs

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

1) Tallest dinosaur

The tallest of all the dinosaurs is thought to have been Sauroposeidon proteles, mainly thanks to its giraffe- like neck, which stood at a rather impressive height of 17 metres (approx 55 feet).

2) Shortest dinosaur 

In contrast, one of the smallest dinosaurs to exist on Earth was the bird-like Oculudentavis khaungraae, weighing only around two grams, which is smaller than the smallest bird species alive today, the bee hummingbird. 

3) Fastest dinosaur 

Two of the quickest of all dinosaurs were the Ornithomimus and Gallimimus, which are estimated to have been able to reach speeds of 70mph.

4) Feathered friends?

Contrary to their portrayal in films, many dinosaurs were actually feathered like birds, with the Sinosauropteryx being the first to be un- earthed by palaeontologists

5) Velociraptor myths

The Velociraptor, made famous by the Jurassic Park films, was not actually as big as it was portrayed, standing at six feet long and only 1.9 feet high.

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