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Issue 112 preview: Life in 2050

Discover the technologies that will transform tomorrow’s world Also inside: Space weather, Hampton court, the Trans-Siberian railway, legendary science experiments and much more!   Pick up your copy of issue 111 from all good retailers or from our website now! If you … Continued

Product review: Pyrnt Pocket

Prynt Pocket is bringing back the fun of printing instant pictures but with a modern twist. Back in 1948, the first instant camera hit the shelves when Polaroid released Land Camera Model 95. Since then the instant camera has evolved … Continued

Heros of Technology: Ada Lovelace

The daughter of a romantic poet and occasional freedom fighter, Ada Lovelace had a famous but absent father. She never knew Lord Byron, as just weeks after her birth in 1815, he divorced her mother Isabella Milbanke Byron and left … Continued

Take a look inside the Lagoon Nebula

A new video released by NASA takes you on a journey through the stellar nursery that is the Lagoon nebula.   The images that make up the video were taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The Lagoon Nebula resides 4,000 … Continued