How It Works

The Science of Social Media

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Alexa, are you recording everything we say?

When George Orwell wrote about the ever-watching Big Brother state of 1984, he probably didn’t predict we’d be voluntarily bringing recording devices into our homes. 

How to make a bubble bottle

Create a simple lava lamp at home using household ingredients Step 1. Make it bright First take a clear plastic bottle. You can use a small bottle or a large two-litre bottle, any size works, but large bottles will require … Continued

13 chemistry life hacks

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How do chemical bonds work?

To understand the types of chemical bonding, we should first consider what the atoms of our universe are made of. To do this, we can use a simplified analogy of atomic structure by picturing an atom as a star being orbited by … Continued

Jurassic fossil is the missing link in crocodile family tree

Scientists have long known the ancient seas of our Earth were home to unusual dolphin-like animals that evolved from crocodiles, but it wasn’t until the discovery of a 180 million-year-old fossil that researchers have been able to really understand their … Continued